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Shared delegate nodes for staking X-CASH (XCASH)

xcash.rocks is an independent public X-CASH DPoPS staking pool/node provider located in Europe. We aim to provide a reliable and profitable service for our voters/stakers. Stable server uptime with latest software guarantees best profit returns for stakers.

The DPoPS (standing for Delegated-Proof-of-Private Stake) is a brand new and unique Delegate-Proof-of-Stake consensus integrated into X-Cash.

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About X-Cash

X-Cash is the Web3’s private computing Platform.

Built by a community of open-source developers, the X-Cash network provides:

⭐️ Private/Public choice ⭐️
⭐️ Decentralized, anonymous, & fair governance ⭐️
⭐️ Dynamically scalable block sizes & decentralized database ⭐️
⭐️ Decentralized layer 2s ⭐️
⭐️ High-Level functions ⭐️
⭐️ Cross-chain interoperability ⭐️

Built modularly, starting from an optimised CryptoNote algorithm, the X-Cash blockchain has evolved to combine the strongest privacy features with the Web3’s High-Level functions thus giving birth to the era of Private DeFi.

To become the private computing platform of the Web3, X-Cash designed the following technological pillars:

Private: On, Public:Off (and vice versa)
One single blockchain is used to perform public and private transactions at the discretion of the user. This enables anonymity to be used when privacy is needed while allowing for transparent transactions when required.

Force Private / Force Public
‍Always putting the user experience first, X-Cash offers the choice to receive only private or only public transactions, and of course just like private send, unconditional transactions are the default setting.

Secure & Unfalsifiable
All transactions are cryptographically signed in large fixed ring sized transactions.

0 Risk Stake (Proof of reserves)
The X-Cash Network is secured by delegates (nodes) elected by XCASH holders. By providing your stake in the form of an XCASH reserve proof, you are electing a representative to secure the network and forge new blocks who in return split the block reward with you.

‍The unique implementation of DBFT into the consensus process grants immunity to forks, henceforth instantly validating new transactions.

Randomized Block Producer Selection
The selection of the next delegate in charge of forging a block is completely randomized through the use of Verifiable Random Functions (VRF), increasing the security of the delegates by preventing attacks to the next block producer.

Stake Delegation with Reserve Proofs
Instead of sending your stake our of your wallet: as is the current method used by all POS and DPOS chains: to vote toward a delegate, you are providing a cryptographic reserve proof of your funds to your delegate, meaning that you keep complete control of your stake at all times, and you accrue rewards with your wallet closed.

Decentralized side chains (DL2)
Each delegate node is involved in the validation process, and verified as secure by all other nodes involved, thus ensuring all nodes are the custodians of chain security, and protocol integrity. This system is symmetrically secure, as it enables all nodes to operate side chains with implicit consent from all other nodes, who are concurrently in a race to secure the highest spec system resources, in order to achieve the block rewards for appending decentralised database entries of High-Level function transactions.

Smarter smart contracts
X-Cash is developer-inclusive by delivering smart-contracts that can be coded in multiple major programming languages, thus lowering the entry barrier further than ever before.

X-Cash NFTs don’t suffer from high tx costs– Nor do any of its other features– and transfer on-chain instantly due to its Instant-Send High-Level function.

X-Cash doesn’t believe we should wait for what is owed to us to be owned by us, and vice versa. Its Instant-Send is a High-Level function that X-Cash delegates are more than eager to settle in real-time.

Cross chain support
Built into the X-Bank custodial service, giving agility to chain migration, the swap protocol enables 0-fee and instant cross-chain conversions to users of supported networks in to and out of the X-Cash native chain, all using the token name XCASH: XCASH(Polygon)/ XCASH(BSC)/ XCASH(CRO), etc.

Cross platform coherence
With the next generation in mind, X-Cash makes crypto easy by giving to trend setters advanced features in an uncomplicated and open manner, in familiar settings.

X-Payment X-Payment is a scalable cross-platform smart wallet that enables micro economies to form within social media communities by combining elements of DeFi with social media community management, and allowing the end-user to operate the same wallet on the, Discord, Telegram, and Twitch platforms: with more to come.

X-Cash is the Web3’s private computing platform.


X-CASH Price

0.000003 USD
1h 24h 7d
0.01% 8.48% 50.70%
2 M XCASH= 2,000,000 XCASH=6.32 USD
50 M XCASH= 50,000,000 XCASH=158.03 USD
100 M XCASH= 100,000,000 XCASH=316.06 USD
540 M XCASH= 540,000,000 XCASH=1,706.73 USD

X-CASH Stats

Volume 24h Market cap
86.62 USD 198,550.68 USD
Circulating supply Max supply
62,820,378,619 XCASH 100,000,000,000 XCASH

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